Optolite Scorpio - High power adjustable sport floodlight

scorpio 1140W 2
The MagnatechLED Scorpio is the ultimate in LED sports stadium lighting designed by MagnatechLED.

Available with power ranges from 720W up to 1500W, the Scorpio is an ideal solution for high professional sport lighting applications where good lux levels and even uniformity is required.

The 120W modules can be individually adjusted allowing for precise targeting for even light distribution.

Available with both symmetric and asymmetric optics: 20°/ 40°/ 60°/ 90°/140*100°/120°

Using high efficiency Philips Lumileds 3030 LED chips the Scorpio delivers exceptional efficiency of 160Lm/W.

For added safety against surges and lightning strikes a 10kV SPD is available as on optional extra.


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