SOX LED - LED replacement for LPS SOX lamps

SL09 new front
SOX10-1 web

As for the increase in price and the limited availability in the market for conventional LPS lamps used in streetlight heads, MagnatechLED has designed and developed a unique, direct and more affordable replacement from  35W up to 180W SOX LPS lamps. With similar dimensions to original SOX bulbs, the SOX LED is easy to install and practically maintenance free.

With power range from 16W to 56W and a fin type case designed to ensure optimal heat dissipation, the SOX LED is at the moment the only direct and most cost effective solution for streetlighting retrofit in residential areas.

The latest version of our SOX LED with  CCT <2000K also allows the product to be used in specific applications where dark sky policies apply such as observatories.

By simply removing your old SOX lamp along with the ballast and fitting our SOX LED bulb into the existing head you will immediately benefit of energy savings up to 70%, long life and therefore much lower maintenance costs  with the added advantage of a high CRI giving a much better quality of light.