About Magnatech LED

Magnatech LED is a manufacturer and provider of LED lighting for industrial and outdoor applications. Established since 1988, the British Group has created the Magnatech LED brand to offer an easier and more comfortable lifestyle through innovative and high-end LED lighting products.
From our factory we design, develop and manufacture a range of LED light fittings strictly following EU quality procedures to meet the demands of our world-wide customer base.
Our Western multi-lingual management team  will assist you for both pre-sale and post-sale enquiries  in your own language to help you make the best choice for your needs and will personally ensure  all products, from initial design to final production, are manufactured  following high standards.

What we offer you:
-A wide range of LED lighting using only the highest efficiency and the latest technology available on the market.

-Local support in UK for enquiries, product customisation, technical consultancy, in-house testing and sampling.

– OEM and SKD also available on request


All of our products are proudly designed in the United Kingdom