Adaptive Lighting System - automatic step-free dimming

What it is?

The  MagnatechLED’s  Adaptive Lighting System is  a brand new lighting system specifically designed to maximize energy savings in industrial applications where natural light levels varies during the day or due to weather conditions.

How does it works?

By using a 0-10v LED driver combined with an adjustable external sensor, the lamp increases or decreases light output from 10% to 100% very smoothly with a step-free dimming, making light adjustment gentle to the eyes and practically unnoticeable.

Do I need to install any manual controller?

NO. Our system doesen’t require you to put any extra cable or  manual controller in order to dim the lamp(s) since it’s very easy to install by simply following these four steps:

  1.  Mount the lamp.
  2. Turn on the lamp when surroundings are dark.
  3. Adjust the screw on the sensor to required brightness at floor level (the use of a lux meter is recommended).
  4. Repeat the process with each lamp or node individually.

How much energy will I save by using this system?

We estimated an extra energy saving between 15-20% on LED lighting, which means you can enjoy a 65%-70%  total energy saving by switching to MagnatechLED products.

That’s not all yet…

We can also provide the system with motion detection option in order to let the lamp(s) turn on only if needed!