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Magnatech LED now offers an enhanced range of outdoor lighting products.
The Areolite-27 now offers a full range of options including 3, 5, or 7 pin NEMA socket, Zhaga book 18 socket, 0-10V. DALI dimming and built-in timer dimming. Also available with multistep programmable dimming motion sensor ideal for outdoor parking areas such as hospital, rail stations, and shopping centres.
SOXLED lamps offer a quick and cost effective retrofit lamp to replace LPS/SOX lamps from 35W to 180W with colour temperature down to 2000K.
Areolite Zero4 - 15~120W
All-in-one Solar Street Light
A recent addition to the range is the Capricorn modular floodlight designed for outdoor sporting venues including football, rugby, and hockey. The Capricorn is designed for ease of assembly and maintence with a simple plug-in design.