Areolite 17 - LED modular street light head

The MagnatechLED Aerolite17 Series of modular street light heads offers a flexible solution to streetlighting in parking lots, pathways and residential areas.

The modular design allows a complete range from 50W to 200W with options for different types of LED chips and drivers whilst also providing a wide range of optics.

The IP65 powder coated die cast aluminium housing is robust and resistant to corrosion. The extruded aliminium heatsink is especially designed to provide optimal heat disippation for safe operation up to 40°C.

MagnatechLED has recently upgraded all the Areolite 17 models to be suitable for multi-step dimming lighting.

By using an external IP65 motion detector in combination with a 0-10v driver control, the Areolite 17 can now provide up to 3 step dimming outputs with adjustable settings for sensitivity, hold time, standby time and dimming levels to suit most demands in outdoor car parks and pathway lighting.