Areolite 26 - 20W to 200W Ultra slim type streetlight

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The MagnatechLED Areolite-26 series is a slim LED street light head with power range from 20W up to 200W suitable for replacing standard HID fittings.

The smooth die-cast aluminium housing features a separated waterproof driver housing and the laminate glass front gives IK08 protection to the plastic interchangeable lens.

The tool-less driver cover incorporates a mains cut-out switch ensuring a safe environment when servicing.

The Areolite-26 is an ideal replacement for street light heads with a mounting height from 3-12metres for highways, residential areas and car parks.

The Areolite-26 is supplied with a 10Kv SPD as standard and can be fitted with 25Kv SPD and NEMA socket as optional.

The mounting allows for both horizontal and post-top mounting.

The new version equipped with a multi-step dimming motion sensor can be pre-programmed before delivery and the optional remote controller also allows the luminaire to be programmed and re-programmed in situ.

Settings include daylight sensor lux level for automatic turn on/off, full power hold time after trigger, dimming level, and standby time for dimmed level before turning off.

The sensitivity level of the sensor can also be set to prevent unwanted triggering.
The sensor version of the Areolite-26 is suitable for mounting height of up to 15m.

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