Areolite 27 - LED street light head

Areolite 27
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The Magnatech LED Areoilite-27 range is the newest product in our state-of-the art series of LED street light heads with power available from 20W to 250W.

The luminaire can be mounted for side entry or post top with a range of spigots from 34mm to 76mm.

The unique design allows the complete LED and gear tray to be removed without tools leaving the base unit mounted on the pole and the mains wires still connected allowing for swift replacement for maintenance, repair or upgrade.

The luminaire also has options of standard NEMA and Zhaga Book 18 receptacles for connection to CMS systems.

The new version equipped with a multi-step dimming motion sensor can be pre-programmed before delivery and the optional remote controller also allows the luminaire to be programmed and re-programmed in situ.

Settings include daylight sensor lux level for automatic turn on/off, full power hold time after trigger, dimming level, and standby time for dimmed level before turning off.

The sensitivity level of the sensor can also be set to prevent unwanted triggering.

Areolite 27
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