Areolite Zero - LED integrated solar streetlight head

areolite zero 50W
areolite zero 5W
areolite zero 25W
areolite zero 50W

The new MagnatechLED’s Areolite–Zero3 is an all-in-one LED solar street light with powers from 5W to 60W especially designed for locations where main electricity is not available.

The integrated design requires no external wiring since the product contains a solar panel located on top of the case and a 12v lithium battery with capacity from 9Ah to 42Ah.



In order to maximize the operating time,  all models are also equipped with both daylight sensor and PIR sensor. When motion is detected the lamp turns on at full power for a preset time and then dims down to approximately 20% until triggered again.

With lead time of 6 hours to fully recharge and autonomy up to 36 hours, the Areolite Zero is the ideal solution for residential lighting in rural areas and countrysides.

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