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Areolite Zero3

LED Solar Street Light

The Areolite –Zero3 is an all-in-one design of street light.
The fitting contains the solar panel, lithium battery and LED lights in one housing and requires no external wiring.
Available from 5W to 60W all lamps are fitted with a daylight sensor and PIR sensor. When triggered the lamp turns on at full power for a preset time and then dims to approximately 20% until triggered again.
The aluminium casing is robust and has a protection rating of IP65.
Ideal for locations where mains electricity is not available.
Depending on the amount of sunlight the lamp should continue to operate normally for up to 3 days of cloudy weather.


  • Aluminium Case
  • IP65
  • All-in-one design.


  • Street lights
  • Garden lights
  • Flood lights


  • Highways
  • Parks
  • Industrial areas
Model Areolite Zero 3
Power 5W 8W 12W 15W 18W 20W
Light Output 500Lm 800Lm 1200Lm 1500Lm 1800Lm 2000Lm
Solar Panel 9W 18W 20W 30W 40W 50W
Battery 6.4V 9Ah 12V 6Ah 12V 6Ah 12V 10Ah 12V 15Ah 12V 18Ah
Dimensions 366*241mm 505*295mm 505*295mm 780*295mm 920*295mm 1136*295mm
Power 25W 30W 40W 50W 60W
Light Output 2500Lm 3000Lm 4000Lm 5000Lm 6000Lm
Solar Panel 50W 60W 60W 80W 90W
Battery 12V 21Ah 12V 21Ah 12V 24Ah 12V 36Ah 12V 42Ah
Dimensions 1136*295mm 1136*295mm 1136*295mm 1136*420mm 1136*420mm
Beam Angle 150 ° *90 °
CRI >70
IP Grade IP65
Colours 3000K, 4000K, 6000K