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Magnatech’s new generation of high-powered LED floodlight series will add greater security to your domestic or commercial property. Our unique design offers all floodlights suitable for both amateur and professional applications. The addition of a dimmable driver with an external sensor will ensure lighting is utilised as it is required; thereby combining security with efficiency.

Magnatech designs and manufactures different series of LED floodlights, which also can be differentiated by their uses and price ranges. For the economic and general purpose of floodlight, we highly recommend our best-sale “Slim” series. From 50W to 200W, the Slim series can be used both indoors and outdoor. Speaking of high-power stadium and sport lights, we recommend customers consider our modular LED flood lights series, we offer a wide range of power up to 1440W, coupled with 50W modules, customers can easily install and adjust its power by simply using different mounting brackets.

Optolite Series