Magnatech LED manufacture a range of LED floodlights to suit all applications. From 10W to 1000W. 6° to 120° beam angle. Click the pictures for more details.

Optolite Sigma
The Optolite Sigma is available in 50W modules from 50W to 400W.
The OptoNova is available in 200W modules from 200W to 100W.

Optolite Shine
The Optolite Shine is available from 100W to 500W. Beam angle from 6° to 60°.


Optolite Sirius
The Optolite Sirius is available with power from 150W to 500W. Beam angle from 25°to 90°.

Sirius 500 web

Optolite Prime
The Optolite Prime is available with a wide range of optics including tunnel lighting. 60W to 180W.

FL06 120W

Optolite Slim
The Optolite Slim is a general purpose flood light available in powers from 10W to 200W

Optolite Libra
The Optolite Libra is An adjustable modular flood light available available with a variety of optics. Power from 100W to 250W.