Modular high-power floodlight with Adaptive Lighting System

sigma and sensor

MagnatechLED’s Optolite Sigma is a 50W modular floodlight ideal for industrial environment as well as sport applications and tunnel lighting.

With power range from 50W up to 500W, this floodlight is the most versatile solution for replacing conventional MH and SON from 100W to 1000W.

With different options of chips, driver control and optics, the Optolite Sigma enjoys a 5 years warranty.

MagnatechLED has recently upgraded the Optolite Sigma to be used in any industrial environment where windows and skylights provide some level of natural lights.

By using a 0-10V dimmable power supply in combination with an external sensor, the floodlight automatically increases or decreases light output from 10% up to 100% throughout the whole day in order to maintain overall lighting always constant.

With our Adaptive Lighting System you can enjoy a 15% extra energy saving on LED lighting!

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