Magnatech LED manufactrure a range of LED street lighting solutions. Our SOXLED lamp is a unique retrofit solution for SOX/LPS lamps. Other head replacements are available. Click the pictures for more details.


SOXLED is a direct replacement lamp for 35W, 55W and 90W SOX/LPS lamps.


Internal driver, NEMA socket compatible. 60W to 200W.
sh15 white web


Areolite-16 is a slim modern design street light head.  Power from 30W to 150W.


Areolite-17 is a low cost classic design LED street light head. Powers from 50W to 200W


Areolite-18 is a low power LED street light head. Powers from 12W to 60W.

Areolite Zero3

The Magnatech LED Areolite Zero3 is a complete all-in-one design street light including solar panel, battery and LED lamp.

Zero3 web