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Explore our integrated and versatile streetlight series to better fit your LED lighting projects. We provide different options for replacing fluorescent lights, whether swap fluorescents by replacing the lamp (SOX LED series), directly reinstalling a brand new LED light (Areolite and Draco series), or using our newest All-in-one Solar Street Light series.

By replacing fluorescent lighting with LEDs, you will immediately benefit from energy savings of up to 75% and the light last 25 times longer. While the initial costs of LEDs are greater, the potential savings make the switch a sound investment.

At times of low activity, Magnatech LED also supplies several smart lighting controls and dimmable fixtures. Our latest product can be equipped with a multi-step motion sensor that can be pre-programmed before delivery, and the optional remote controller also allows the luminaire to be programmed and re-programmed in situ. The combination of LEDs and dimmable fixtures means customers can reduce their energy use and generate less light pollution, saving money in the long run.
Areolite Series
Areolite Zero4 - 15~120W
All-in-one Solar Street Light
Draco Series